Freedom Automotive and Diesel Repair Service in Commerce City, CO

Customer satisfaction is the number one concern at Freedom Automotive and Diesel. It is imperative that our customers trust that we can get the job done efficiently and within an excellent time frame. We give quality services at low prices so that our customers feel the value of which we hold them. Our services are offered and executed by knowledgeable professionals who have been experienced technicians for over 30 years. Our technicians have been recognized and awarded Master Technician by two of the most well known domestic car manufacturers, GMC and Ford.


There are various services provided by Freedom Automotive and Diesel. General repair services are primary, for cars and heavy-duty diesels


Freedom Automotive and Diesel can’t stress enough that we work for our customers, we provide quality work for reasonable prices and work within a great time frame and service any repair needs for your car. We service almost any car with the exception of hybrids. Call or stop by today to be serviced. 


Alignments both 2 wheel and 4 wheel.

Any wheel size, Lifted, Lowered, Stock ride height or vertical length. Runs $69.99-$129.99

Diesel Emissions

Diesel Emission Testing in Commerce City, CO
Diesel Emission Inspection in Commerce City, CO
Emission Services in Commerce City, CO
Light Duty Diesel Emission Test in Commerce City, CO
Diesel Emission Test in Commerce City, CO
Emission Testing in Commerce City, CO
Smog Inspections in Commerce City, CO


Services for Gas or Diesel Engines include but not limited to:

Engine service and repair,

Engine Swaps or replacements,
Engine overhauls for long and short blocks,
Head services stock or racing,
Timing belt replacement,
Water pumps,
Variable valve timing.



Services for Gas or Diesel Transmissions include but not limited to:

Transmission rebuild, replacement or swap.

Shift modules,
Transmission seals,



Services include but not limited to:

Turn Rotors

Replace brake pads

Replace rotors

We do not price match

We use the best parts available

We can use cheaper parts at customers request.



Services for Gas or Diesels include but not limited to:
Oil changes,

Differential fluids,

Transmission fluids,

Coolant flushes.


(We use OEM specifications)






Services include but not limited to:

Power steering pumps,
Rack and pinion,
Steering gear boxes,
Front-end linkages and bushings,
Upper and lower control arms,
Radius rods and bushings,
Independent rear end control arms,
Gear replacement.
Alignment tubes,
Wheel Barings packs with seals,
Drive axels front and rear.


Full recondition on classic cars.


DOT inspections

D.O.T Inspections on Trucks and Trailers (excluding air brakes)



Services include but not limited to:

Electric Brakes

Wheel bearings

Trailer brakes


Dyno Testing

Once we receive our Dyno. we will be about to provide horsepower testing for any vehicle that is not all-wheel drive.

In the Future, Freedom Automotive & Diesel will be able to tune.



Heating & Cooling

Services include but not limited to:

Air Conditioning

Water Pumps



Freedom Automotive and Diesel prints out maintenance schedules for you if they are available.

The schedule informs you of when you should perform certain maintenance on your vehicles.

If you are in the Commerce City, Colorado area and need automotive or diesel services from a professional, efficient and cost-effective expert, Freedom Automotive and Diesel is where you want to be. We are conveniently located at 7007 E. 53rd Place 
COMMERCE CITY, CO 80022. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to give us a call at (720) 524-6341  We look forward to servicing your vehicle!

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