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Roman G

These guys know what they are doing, offer a great price, and go above and beyond the call of duty.


My 91 Suburban needed a new engine badly, and in my mind, as long as I was going to have to get a new engine put in, I might as well upgrade the stock 350 to a bigger and better 454.  No small undertaking since the 454 would need to be custom installed in my vehicle.  But as I said, Freedom Automotive and Diesel knows what they are doing.


Here is where Freedom Automotove and Diesel differed from the other mechanics.  Their mechanics were excited at the chance to not only make my old truck live again, but to upgrade it in an awesome way.  The other mechanics were willing to undertake the massive job, don't get me wrong.  However, other mechanics were more excited by the fact that such a large job would bring them a large profit.


I shopped around for about three months, trying to find the most reasonable deal on this and I found that other mechanics wanted to do the job for anywhere from $5500.00 to $7200.00 for just the engine swap.  Freedom Automotive and Diesel is almost a hundred miles away from where I live, but with a price of $3800.00, I drove the hundred miles in my gas-guzzling truck, and still saved money.


Now when I say that they went above and beyond the call of duty, I am referring to this fact.  When I finally got to pick up my big beast from their shop and drive it the hundred miles back home, it was glorious, it roared down the highway and I could barely stop being in awe of it for a few seconds to pay attention to the road.  I got home, parked the beast in front of my house, turned it off, and it wouldn't start the next day.


I called Freedom Automotive and Diesel about the problem, told them what was going on, and two hours later, the owner arrives at my house, pops the hood, fixes the problem, and takes off.  It has been two weeks and I haven't had a problem since.

"Quote from customer"


I can't begin to tell you how hard it is for women to find a trustworthy automotive shop. There's been numerous times that other big named part places, tire shops and repair shops have given me the run around and cheated me out of thousands of dollars, when just a simple fix was required to get me back on the road. I know I'm not the only one that hates when a shop does thousands of dollars of work, prior to even asking if this is something you want to do or can even afford!


Luckily I found Freedom Automotive and Diesel and was blessed to feel like I'm part of their automotive family. I know enough about cars that I know what's wrong with it but let me tell you; it's so amazing to finally have a shop that outlines exactly what they did the entire time your car was in the shop! At the other places I'd go, I'd be scratching my head, wondering why my car was in the shop for 2 weeks when I brought it in for a headlight that needed replacing. At Freedom Automotive and Diesel, I never have to question what they were doing or how long it took them to do it. Not to mention, it literally feels like I'm part of some special automotive club because I'm never spending as much as I used to. And if they find something that does need fixing that's separate from why I brought it in, they always call me and ask if this is something I'd like to do. It's so nice to feel in control when my car is in the shop.


I would like to point out that I'm SO glad that when I drive my car away from their shop, none of my "uh-oh" gauges are going off. I can't tell you how irritating it used to be, to feel like my car was in worse shape than when I dropped it off at the other places.


I also want to say how much I appreciate their genuine professionalism. There's nothing more that I hate, than customer service that doesn't feel real. And it was a pretty cool experience to see the owner of the shop, working along side his guys and even came to talk to me for awhile. I've honestly never seen that at an automotive shop before. The owner, Josh is very knowledgeable and is running his shop with the kind of honesty and integrity, that I wish every shop would.


I usually won't take the time to write a review for any place I go to, let alone, a mechanic shop. But I really think these gentlemen deserve one. I can't thank you guys enough for the quality work you've done on my car for me! I will most definitely be back and I'll be sending some friends your way! :)


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Terri J

Not only do I know of the great work these guys have done for many years, I have had work done recently and I can tell you they do great work for a great price! And I follow them on facebook to hear other say what great work they do!

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Justin S

Very impressed by the work. They knocked a out quick alignment on my truck (f250 with 16" lift and 40s) with no problem. Thanks for the good honest work!

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Steve B

Got work done on my car and my mom's truck! Great job! Also got an estimate that I though would have been a lot higher, but was amazing low!! Thanks guys!


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