Big Stuff 3

Freedom Automotive and Diesel has been working with Big Stuff 3, due to a incomplete install that came into our shop on a 1993 Chevy Silverado 1500 with a 502 Big block using Big Stuff 3's DFI system. I can stress enough how awesome Big Stuff is in assisting Freedom Automotive and Diesel in figuring out where the other mechanics left off and trouble shooting what else needs to be done to make this Chevy scream down the street.


About Big Stuff 3:

By the "90s, hoards of enthusiasts were jumping on the EFI bandwagon and singing the praises of drive-ability, gas mileage, and (sometimes) horsepower improvements. But in the realm of serious power, limitations in factory electronics capped ultimate potential. EFI didn't like big cams, refused to rev beyond the factory air/fuel maps, and didn't get along with injectors big enough to make real horsepower.

A true testament to DFI's potential is its impact on import drag racing, where big block-level air and fuel flow was crammed into four tiny cylinders and effectively managed with just four injectors. Meaney began marketing DFI through ACCEL in 1991, later developed a new standalone system for F.A.S.T., and is now offering his latest and greatest BigStuff3 system on his own. Corporate buyouts aside, DFI helped EFI reach its true performance potential and precipitated a new market of powerful standalone controllers for racers and hot rodders to choose from.

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